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Tattoo machines by Mustang Tattoo

An excellent tattoo machine in the hands of a master is comfort and confidence in the result. Modern models are so improved that with them you can implement the most unusual and large projects. At the same time, the process will be gentle and delicate, which means excellent healing, color brightness and customer gratitude. It remains only to choose the equipment that is ideal for you.

MT Mustang Tattoo has chosen the most reliable way to make machines. This is a constant dialogue with the masters, talent and dedication, high-precision machines and attention to every detail. Now we present several series of rotary tattoo machines.

Mustang Tattoo rotary tattoo machines work neatly and softly, silently and without noticeable vibration. They are universal - they perfectly cope with the contour, dense shading, shadows, gradients, complex and authorial techniques.

AERO – turning (classic) rotary machine. The machine weighs 137 grams, it works with needles and cartridges. A powerful motor provide high torque, and an adjustable eccentric will allow you to adjust the reach of the needle. Design innovation - RCA connector at an angle of 45 degrees, in consequence of it the wire is securely fixed and does not interfere with work.

ELEMENT 2 – linear (direct-drive) rotary machine. Direct drive, Belgian motor, needle clamp mechanism. Thoughtful combination of power and convenience! The Element is compatible with cartridges, and also works with needles in a wide range: all types of contour and fill up to 25 M, Flat, RM. 

Vader - fast, lightweight, reliable, compatible with a wide range of tattoo cartridges pen-type rotary machine. 

Zoon - a new universal pen-type tattoo machine, designed for applying contour, color and eye shadow.

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