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Tattoo Protection & Care

You cannot work with even the most advanced equipment without the protective products for tattoo. First of all, vazelin, designed to moisturize the skin in the process. Its composition and consistency are very important! Too greasy and viscous will stick to the spout of the machine, but too fluid will start to erase the transfer. Therefore, we created Tattoo Butter - an alternative to the usual tattoo vazeline. This cream takes care of the tattoo even in the process of applying it: relieves irritation, redness and discomfort. It is important that it does not distort color reproduction, and the transfer remains in place. His consumption is minimal, so the volume of 250 ml is enough for a long time, even if you work for several hours every day.

Of course, having created an effective protective agent, we also should take care of healing. Tattoo healing cream very quickly become a “must-have-thing” and spread to the best tattoo-salons in Moscow, and then to regional salons. It is used and recommended by leading Russian masters.


Tattoo care products are significantly different from everything sold in pharmacies. They are created and work differently, most effective in healing.

Tattoo Healing cream contains active ingredients that help restore the skin and maintain the brightness of the tattoo. They soothe and cool, relieve inflammation, making care effective. And comfortable, because the cream is quickly absorbed and leaves no signs on clothes. It can even be carried with you in a bag - the packaging is so compact. The cream has no harsh or specific aroma, no sticky texture, the composition excludes dyes and synthetic flavors.

The cream is intended for the healing of tattoos, so it very carefully acts on the pigment. Colors stay bright! And to maintain the effect, you can use Tattoo Healing cream regularly when your skin needs additional hydration and care.

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