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About company

Команда Мустанг Тату
  • Own production in Moscow
  • More than 50 leading masters are engaged in the design of our equipment.
  • Setting up equipment from the best tattoo artists in Russia
  • 5 years rack warranty

MT Mustang Tattoo is a technology driver for the tattoo industry. The brand entered the market in 2016, with a full line of tattoo equipment. The range includes everything you need, from exclusive and serial machines, to furniture, supplies and care products. The company has combined ten years of experience in implementing the best solutions from a lot of tattoo artists in Russia. More than 50 unique artists are constantly employed by the company.

Today it is a high-precision, modern production, development and implementation department, quality control system. We guarantee attention to every detail, offering comprehensive service and support around the world. Machines, power equipment, even furniture are tested in practice. A dialogue with the best masters allows us to improve the product line, develop engineering, and form new trends.

Three days at Moscow Tattoo Festival-a sea of acquaintances and impressions! This time Mustang tattoo performed both as a participant and as a partner of the festival. As a result, everyone got an unforgettable and, of course, useful experience.
Overview of features and benefits of smart power supply from MT Mustang Tattoo.
MT Mustang Tattoo, together with tattoo artists, debunks the myths that the Russian tattoo industry is inferior to foreign.
Elena works in the author's style based on graphics, abstraction. She is talented, open to new things, very positive and sweet.
And Lena recently joined our Proteam team and started working with full ammunition from MT Mustang Tattoo.
The master tells about his impressions in the review!
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