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Furniture for tattoo studio

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Furniture for tattoo studio

There are many nuances in the manufacture of furniture for tattoo studio. For example, a holder is a stand under the arm. The material and construction details, the size of the pillow, the configuration of the legs, the height - all is very important. To do a really convenient thing is to consider and think through all the elements. MT Mustang Tattoo, following this principle, offers everything you need for a salon. This is both a tattoo arm rest and a table. We looked at these objects through the eyes of tattoo artists and realized what needed to be added and improved in their design.

Tattoo table 

The first thing that can be noted in the tattoo table design, it is stability and balance. Touching the table during work is not scary. All that stands and lies on it will remain in place. Of course, the materials are important! Powder-coated steel looks aesthetically pleasing, and disinfectants do no harm to them. Now about the design: three shelves for your machines, power supplies, paints and everything else - a great solution for those who appreciate order. There is a mount for stretch film, so preparing a workplace is much more convenient. Lamp mounts are located on the left and right. And finally, the wheels - they spin smoothly, and the flooring remains invulnerable.

Tattoo Arm Rests - its height is adjustable from 70 to 100 cm, and the design is stable and convenient. By the way, it disassembles and becomes very compact, which is ideal for storage. We should also talk about the pillow. Its size can be selected from three options - from the smallest (14 by 29 centimeters) to large (24 by 40 cm).

And also we supply a carrying case. The tattoo arm rest, equipment, and consumables can be removed into it. The ideal travel option for trips to salons and other cities!

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