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Rotary machines
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Mustang Tattoo Rotary Machines

Rotary machines are universal and this is their main advantage. With high power, the rotors are lightweight, do not distract the master with noise and work without noticeable vibration. A wide assortment allows you to find an option that fits all indicators: weight, design, functionality and price. Yes, the choice is always subjective - someone needs one machine, someone buys two for different purposes. But with MT Mustang Tattoo cars, any option is optimal.

We offer several types of rotary machines - innovative solutions based on a balance of power, efficiency and convenience.

Vader - fast, lightweight, reliable, compatible with a wide range of tattoo cartridges pen-type rotary machine. 

Zoon - a new universal pen-type tattoo machine, designed for applying contour, color and eye shadow.

Element 2 is a direct-drive machine with a needle clamp mechanism. An ideal rotor for contours and over-shading, whipshading, shadow. You can work with needles - all types of contour and up to 25 M, Flat, RM, and also with cartridges. In any case, you will appreciate the Element as a powerful and universal tool for work. The result is accurate and aesthetic.

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