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Mustang Tattoo Power Supplies

The importance of the power supply is an axiom from the world of tattoos! It’s unlikely to work without it, so devices with good characteristics are trusted. Even the number of settings does not affect the choice like the building quality and uninterrupted operation. These parameters are the priorities of MT Mustang Tattoo. We have developed 3 generations of blocks with unique properties. Each in its own way reflects the concept of an ideal power source.

Mini is a compact device, its weight is only 200 gr. Take it with you on all trips or use in the studio - you decide. Both options are practical.

Expert - intelligent power supply. In addition to options for calculating the time and cost of a session, choosing a currency and language, a menu shell, and auto-detecting a type of machine, it also has several important functions.

This is a memory for 6 cars, several operating modes for rotors and induction, compatibility with a wireless pedal, sleep mode. Support with an anatomical tilt is included for the convenience of the master. There are also magnets for mounting on the back of the unit.

All models are effective, but your experience will tell you which one to choose; You can get detailed advice from an MT Mustang Tattoo specialist - at the sales office or through the feedback form on the website.

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