Тату мастер Андрей Фингерз Москва | Mustang Tattoo PRO Team
Андрей Фингерз

Андрей Фингерз

: более 5 лет
: Аmerican traditional tattoo, old school
тату-студия REDRUM

Андрей Фингерз
Андрей Фингерз
Андрей Фингерз
Андрей Фингерз
Андрей Фингерз
В работе использует
  • Капитан Лайнер
  • Ротор Аэро
  • Педаль PRO
  • Вазелин
  • Заживлялки

Pro Team MT Mustang Tattoo

Teamwork on common goals is what makes our company strong. But without promising, active, talented tattoo artists, this team would not have become complete and truly effective. Therefore, we pay special attention to Proteam!

MT Mustang Tattoo is interested in finding new names. We invite artists who want to develop and influence the development of the tattoo industry. Moreover, not only in Moscow. The company is exploring new directions, growing, and with it our Proteam is growing too. Today the best masters of Russia and the whole world are with us. Each of them is a unique artist with his own approach and outlook on creativity. And this is the most important thing for us! They are our experts, and together with the developers they decide anything about the machines, power supplies, innovative care products.

How to get involved in Proteam MT Mustang Tattoo

We are open for communication and appreciate your interest in working with Mustang Tattoo. The recruitment of participants to our team is ongoing. And within the framework of the partnership, the company offers:

  • Any equipment from our assortment: the participant selects what is most interesting to him and gets to work.
  • Test drive of new products: each product, before the official start of sales, passes tests from Proteam masters.
  • Support at festivals: we accompany our masters during their participation in tattoo festivals. And much more.
  • And much more

It is enough to fill out an application on the site to join the team, and we will contact you!

Waiting for in our team!
Progress is in our hands.

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